Cruise in Mitsio Islands

Day 1: Boarding the catamaran Talio from Nosy Be, we will head for Nosy Komba.

On the spot you will discover a fauna and a luxuriant flora, go to meet the funny inhabitants of this island, the lemurs. You will discover a park nestled in a forest.

Day 2: From Nosy Komba, the catamaran will take you to the island of Nosy Faly, an island full of history from its past. It is a mythical island of the Sakalava people.

3rd day: Head to the Mitsio Islands. First destination Nosy Tsarabajina, a day of idleness on a paradise beach. You will swim in turquoise water in the middle of small fish.

4th day: You will dock on the highest island of the Mitsio archipelago, Nosy Ankarea. You will discover a long beach of white sand lined with crystal clear water.

For the more experienced you can venture into a wild forest to a summit that offers breathtaking views of the Mitsio Islands.

5th day: The boat will then sail to Nosy Be where your cruise will end.

Depending on the number of available days and weather conditions, this program may need to be modified.