Cruise in Radamas islands

Day 1: Boarding on the catamaran Talio, we will head for Russian Bay for your first mooring.

Day 2: From Russian Bay, the catamaran will take you to Nosy Iranja, paradise island where turtles come to lay eggs.

You will swim in clear turquoise water and sunbathe on an incredibly white and fine sandbar. The skipper of the boat will encourage you to visit the village and climb to the lighthouse, to admire a 360 ° view.
Your cruise will then take you to Baramahamay where we will spend the night after a walk in the fishing village.

Day 3: A day of idleness, trolling, and possibly snorkeling, awaits you after our departure from Baramahamay. Depending on the season, you will have the chance to see dolphins, manta rays, whales, turtles or pilgrim sharks.
Then we will set sail for Nosy Kalakajoro for the night.

4th day: From Nosy Kalakajoro, after a day of cruising accompanied by trolling or fishing and lazing, we will reach Nosy Valiha for our anchorage. You will be seduced by your visit to its fishing village, typical village timeless.

Day 5: Your catamaran cruise continues to Antaimoro. Fishing day and overnight in Antanimoro.

6th day: The catamaran Talio will head for Nosy Berafia to spend the night. Possibility of fishing for squid at night.

7th day: The Talio will be redirected to Russian Bay to spend the night and taste the specialties of the chef.

Day 8: Our skipper will head the catamaran to Tanikely, a beautiful nature reserve where you will enjoy the spectacle of lemurs on land and exotic fish under water. The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking.

The boat will then sail to Nosy Be where your cruise will end.